Fresh Truffle Service T&C

By using our fresh truffle service you confirm that you understand and agree to the following terms & conditions

Your truffles will arrive in store and you will be notified via email when they are ready for collection.

It is your responsibility to pick them up during store opening hours which can be found here.

Should you fail to pick up your order in time, your truffles might have lost enough moisture so that they don't reach the minimum weight. In this case, you are not entitled to any money back or compensation.

Should we are unable to find truffles up to the size of your order, you are entitled to the difference in weight. For example if you have ordered 50gr worth of truffles and we can only provide you with 40gr, you will be entitled to the difference which is the value of 10gr of truffles when you made the order. You will not be entitled to any other compensation.

Should you fail to pick up your order in time, your truffles will be thrown away once they are not suitable for consumption. This is at the discretion of Sage & Relish and no money back or compensation will be given.

You might receive one or more truffles making up the weight of my order regardless of the weight per truffle I ordered.

Truffles are a natural product and Sage & Relish cannot guarantee availability of either size or quantity of truffles. Your statuatory rights are not affected.