We're big fans of canned food for certain dishes, and there's no more common sight in our recycling bin than an empty tomato tin. We have hundreds of recipes containing them and aren't afraid to pay respect where it's due. Alongside cans of fancy cherry tomatoes and stoical whole plums, there's a ruddy mire of pastes, purees, preserves and passatas to get your head around. The central and southern regions of Italy have the ideal growing conditions for producing sweet and juicy tomatoes, with the absolute king of tomatoes being the San Marzano grown in volcanic soil. So if they are from Italy, it is a good indication that the tomatoes will be full of flavour, but that’s not to say that tomatoes grown in other countries won’t be as good. Cooked tomatoes are even better for you than fresh. Cooking them for 15 minutes breaks down the tomato’s cell wall, which releases the valuable antioxidant lycopene, claimed to reduce the risk of certain cancers and treat conditions such as high cholesterol and heart disease. The effect of lycopene on osteoporosis is currently being researched. Then, know your varieties...

Cherry Tomatoes 400g..
£1.55 Ex Tax: £1.55
Chopped Tomatoes 400g..
£1.00 Ex Tax: £1.00
Peeled Plum Tomatoes from Puglia 400g..
£1.00 Ex Tax: £1.00
Fried Tomato from Spain. 410g...
£1.75 Ex Tax: £1.75
Tomato Passata 660g..
£1.80 Ex Tax: £1.80
This PDO variety comes from the town of San Marzano in the Campania region of southern Ita..
£1.95 Ex Tax: £1.95
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