Voucher Codes & Gift Vouchers

Promotional Vouchers

Please note that each promotional voucher code may only be used once.

For vouchers from campaigns in our newsletter, magazine etc.:
  • Only one voucher can be redeemed per order. Promotional vouchers can, however, be used in combination with credit from a gift voucher
  • Our promotional vouchers require to register as a customer to be redeemed
  • Please check the expiry date of your promotional voucher
  • Certain vouchers cannot be used to purchase discounted items
  • Vouchers may only be valid for particular products and categories
  • Vouchers may have a minimum order value
  • Vouchers can only be redeemed once
  • If you send goods back, we are unable to renew the validity of your promotional voucher

T&C for Voucher Code GOL1612 - In addition to the voucher T&C above, this code is only redeemable online. A minimum spent of £40 is required. The expiry date for this code is 30/06/17. Coupon not valid for fresh truffle service.

Gift vouchers

  • Gift vouchers are personal, so in order to use your voucher, you will need to register as a customer
  • After placing an order, any value left on your gift voucher will be uploaded as credit in your Sage & Relish customer account.
  • Your account balance can be found in ‘My Account’ under ‘My vouchers’
  • If you return goods that have been purchased with a gift voucher the credit will be added to your customer account and you will be able to use it on future orders
  • It's not possible to redeem your gift voucher credit retrospectively
  • Voucher credit cannot be exchanged for cash
  • There is no minimum order value for orders placed using a gift voucher