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Italian nougat with almonds. 100g.      Delicious chewy nougat wi..
£4.75 Ex Tax: £3.96
Amaretti individually wrapped...
£12.50 Ex Tax: £12.50
Chocolate & Hazelnut Nougat 70g..
£3.00 Ex Tax: £2.50
Italian nougat with Hazelnuts. 100g...
£4.74 Ex Tax: £3.95
Traditional Italian Panettone in a beautiful collectible Tin. Limited Edition. Fragrant an..
£14.95 Ex Tax: £14.95
Italian Panettone with pear & chocolate. Topping our range this year, with chocolate d..
£22.50 Ex Tax: £22.50
Chocolate Panettone with dark chocolate drops, topped with icing. Incredibly fragrant, moi..
£13.95 Ex Tax: £13.95
Incredibly fragrant, moist and light!Try it together with our award winning Honey &am..
£17.85 Ex Tax: £17.85
Duca D'Alba's classic panettone is a luxurious and rich sourdough panettone, the classic f..
£18.75 Ex Tax: £18.75
Italian nougat with pistachio. 100g...
£4.74 Ex Tax: £3.95
Polvorones 200g..
£5.95 Ex Tax: £4.96
Traditional Panettone with candied orange, raisins and Marsala & Zibibbo wines. Incred..
£17.85 Ex Tax: £17.85
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